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Southeast Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme

Region map


Welcome to the website of the Southeast Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme. The programme provides a consistent regional approach to coastal process monitoring, providing information of the development of strategic shoreline management plans, coastal defence strategies and operational management of coastal protection and flood defence.

The programme is managed on behalf of the Coastal Groups and is funded by DEFRA, in partnership with the maritime Local Authorities and the Environment Agency.

To report a missing or damaged Waverider buoy, please phone Fugro GB Marine Limited on: 07810 697357

If you would like further information about the Southeast Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme, please use the contact details provided or use our contact form to directly message the Channel Coastal Observatory.

Channel Coastal Observatory
National Oceanography Centre
European Way
SO14 3ZH

+44 (0)23 8059 8467
+44 (0)2380 596320

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