National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes


The FFSAR-Coastal is a project funded by ESA to apply the Fully Focused SAR altimetry processor on Sentinel-3 data and evaluate its potential to make a significant new contribution to coastal and estuarine monitoring systems. Innovative in situ water level gauges, and drone based Lidar flights have been used for validation.

Time series have been generated by autonomous in situ microstation gauges, and drone-mounted instruments have been used to provide water level profiles between the fixed locations and satellite tracks.

Two different environments have been considered:

  1. The Severn Estuary and river: A highly dynamic mixed tidal estuary environment, the confluence between a river and its estuary experiencing large tidal range and strong tidal currents.
  2. The lower Rhone Delta and Camargue: A low lying, flat river delta and wetland environment, susceptible to inundation and rising water levels.

By studying these two very different environments, the potential applicability and benefits offered by FF SAR altimeter data in other coastal, estuarine and delta locations can be demonstrated.

This page provides users with access to all the data from the two locations - data will be uploaded as it becomes available.

More information can be found on the FFSAR-Coastal project web page.

Additional data will become available as the project progresses