National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

iCOASST for end-users


Model evaluation

As part of the Environment Agency project "Embedding iCOASST into practice", HR Wallingford have undertaken an independent evaluation of the usability of the iCOASST models. Each of the models have been downloaded from this website, compiled and run using (i) the documentation and (ii) the site-specific data sets on which they have been developed (also provided on this website). The outcome of this evaluation for these models can be downloaded below and should be referenced by anyone interested in using or developing the model further.

Based on lessons learnt from the model evaluation, a document has been produced to provide generic guidelines to model developers when writing a user manual for a coastal morphodynamic model. The guidelines include an outline manual structure and recommendations for content, together with an appendix highlighting particular issues concerned with model composition. The guideline document can be downloaded here.