Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to download data from the CCO website?

There is no cost. Downloading data and reports from the the Channel Coastal Observatory Data Catalogue is free.

Posted 24/03/2009 14:37

How do I register?

To register to download data from the Map Viewer & Data Catalogue click on the "Register Form" link on the Map Viewer and Data Catalogue page.

Posted 24/03/2009 14:40

How do I download data from the CCO website?

Initially you must be registered. Once that is complete, it is recommended you download this document: - this gives a step-by-step guide to getting the data you want.

Posted 24/03/2009 15:00

How much data can I download?

You can download as much data as you like, but each download is limited to 300MB. To cover a large area of interest it may be necessary to download in multiple batches.

Posted 25/03/2009 11:09

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