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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.

Port Isaac


Additional Information

 Step gauge location  50° 35.651' N  004° 50.065' W
 Met station location  50° 35.408' N, 004° 49.426' W
 Storm threshold  3.0 m
 For full site history  See latest annual report


Wave and tide data are measured using an Etrometa step gauge which became operational on 15 July 2010. 

The gauge is situated on the outer breakwater by kind permission of Port Isaac Harbour Commissioners. The shore station is kindly hosted by George Cleave Fish Merchants and Seafood School. 

The primary purpose of the step gauge at Port Isaac is as a tide gauge, but the instrument also measures waves.  Some wave reflection from the sea wall is to be expected, but a reasonable estimation of wave height is anticipated.

Meterological data are measured using a Vaisala WXT536, which was first installed on 04 May 2022.


20/04/2024 The tide gauge is offline. An investigation is underway.
10/02/2024 The tide gauge is currently offline due to maintenance works on site. Scheduled service.
15/01/2024 The computer has been replaced.
21/12/2023 The site is offline due to an issue with the computer.
11/12/2023 The site is offline due to fault on the BT line. A BT engineer will visit site asap.
22/11/2023 It is suspected that a physical fault with one of the lower Etrometa sections is introducing spikes in the data. This will be investigated when tides next allow.
08/06/2023 Scheduled service
29/09/2022 A fault in EE communications is preventing data transmission from the meteorological station. This will be resolved as soon as possible. Update: Transmission of all met parameters was repaired on 04/11/2022.
13/08/2022 Scheduled service.
15/07/2022 The 4G connection issue has been resolved.
24/06/2022 An issue with the 4G connection has interrupted data flow.
04/05/2022 A Vaisala 536 meteorological station was installed at the site.
17/09/2021 The brackets have been replaced and the Etrometa was serviced. 

The brackets that hold the Etrometa sections in place are being replaced. 

We are aiming to complete the works and bring the tide gauge back online by 17/09/2021. 

11/05/2020 Scheduled service including remedial works replacing Etrometa section and the solar array. 
25/02/2020 Electrical works on site mean the power will be off until 26/02/2020.
05/12/2019 Unscheduled visit to replace PC at shore station.
01/09/2019 Unscheduled visit following data outage. The bottom two Etrometa sections were swapped out. 

Structural survey to evaluate the condition of the instrument as it is nearing the end of its 10 year use life. 

Based on the conclusions of the report, the site's life will be extended for another 10 years by replacing the bracketing. 

04/07/2019 Scheduled service
25/01/2019 Scheduled service
12/07/2018 Scheduled service
05/11/2017 Scheduled service
26/06/2017 Scheduled service and shore station relocated within the same building. 
14/12/2016 Scheduled service and loss of data investigation. BT line fault was found and fixed. 
22/03/2016 Scheduled service
29/10/2015 Scheduled service
17/07/2015 Unscheduled visit to replace navigation light and solar panel on the western breakwater. 
30/04/2015 Scheduled service
11/11/2014   A power cut last night has stopped data transmission. Ongoing power issues will be resolved asap.
28/10/2014 Scheduled service
29/04/2014 Scheduled service
13/10/2013 Scheduled service
19/07/2013 Unscheduled visit to shore station to reconfigure PC and router. 
23/10/2013 Scheduled service
25/04/2013 Scheduled service
18/10/2012 Scheduled service
15/06/2012 Unscheduled site visit to swap out faulty PC
23/03/2012 Scheduled service
13/12/2010 Scheduled service