National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.

Second Severn Crossing


Additional Information

 Wave radar location  51° 34.456' N  002° 41.999' W
 Storm threshold  0.74 m
 For full site history  See latest annual report


Wave and tide data are measured using a Rosemount WaveRadar Rex, which became operational on 29 June 2011. The instrument is sited mid-span on the Second Severn Crossing, by kind permission of Highways England who owns the site and Amey Consulting who holds the maintenance contract.


19/04/2024 The site page and API feed were updated to the name Second Severn Crossing to avoid confusion regarding the location of the tide gauge.
07/02/2024 Scheduled service
31/05/2023 Scheduled service
06/04/2023 Data are delayed due to a BT line fault. This will be rectified asap.
06/09/2022 Scheduled service
14/10/2021 Scheduled service
22/08/2020 PC replaced.
30/01/2020 Scheduled service including installatin of new PC. 
11/04/2019 The WaveRadar Rex frame was swapped for a new one.
28/03/2019 Scheduled service. A second visit is being arranged to replace the WaveRadar Rex frame. 
19/07/2018 Scheduled service
22/09/2017 Scheduled service
30/01/2017 Unscheduled visit to investigate corrupt data. Loose connection fixed. 
06/01/2017 Scheduled service
23/03/2016 Scheduled service
12/01/2016   The shore station computer had failed but has now been replaced.
08/01/2016 The data stream has stopped. Investigations are ongoing.
24/06/2015 Scheduled service
11/03/2015 A BT engineer attended the site and replaced the line. 
10/03/2015 Visit to site to check router and other hardware. 
09/03/2015 A problem with the phone line is preventing data being transmitted. A BT engineer has been called.
23/09/2014 There will be a data gap of several hours today due to essential maintenance operations by the SSC
29/07/2014 Scheduled service
24/10/2013 Scheduled service
04/10/2013 The wave and tide data will be unuseable for several days whilst the SSC carries out maintenance operations in the vicinity of the REX
17/10/2012 Scheduled service
21/12/2011 Scheduled service
29/06/2011 The WaveRadar is now operational.