National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.

Chapel Point


Additional Information

 Wave buoy location   53° 14'.69N 000° 26'.82E
 WMO code   6201050
 Approximate water depth  13 m
 Approximate spring tidal range   6 m
 Storm alert threshold   2.64 m
 Meteorological station location  53° 13'.85N 000° 20'.18E


Wave parameters are recorded using a Datawell Directional WaveRider Mk III buoy. The buoy was deployed on 04 September 2012, at which time the magnetic declination at the site was 1.29° West, changing by 0.17° East per year. Wave direction is reported following the nautical convention, meaning that the direction is where the waves come from, measured clockwise from magnetic north.

Meteorological parameters are recorded using a Vaisala WXT536. The meteorological station was deployed on 29 July 2013.


18/06/2024 Scheduled service
26/02/2024 Scheduled service of met station.
11/09/2023 Scheduled service
02/08/2023 Scheduled service of met station.
31/07/2023 Following shore station repairs, the buoy has been swapped back to HF transmission.
03/06/2023 The buoy was swapped to iridium due to significant HF telemetry outages.
24/05/2023 Scheduled service
13/04/2023 The met station has been swapped to a Vaisala WXT536. Some software issues have been identified and a solution is being worked on.
20/03/2023 The met station data is delayed due to ongoing software testing, this will be rectified asap.
27/01/2023 The buoy has been switched to Iridium transmission due to deteriorating HF signal.
12/12/2022 An issue with the anemometer has interrupted the met data transmission. An investigation is underway.
31/08/2022 Scheduled service of the met station.
24/08/2022 Scheduled service
04/02/2022 Scheduled service of the met station. 
13/01/2022 Scheduled service
29/05/2021 Scheduled service
23/11/2020 Scheduled service
18/03/2020 Scheduled service
15/08/2019 Shore station visited to fix fault with BT line and install new computer. 
13/08/2019 Scheduled service
20/01/2019 Scheduled service
27/11/2018 Shore station visited to enable HF data communications. 
08/07/2018 Scheduled service