National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.



Additional Information

 Wave buoy location  50° 42.75' N  001° 36.91' W
 WMO code  6201009
 Approximate water depth  10 m CD
 Approximate spring tidal range  2 m
 Storm alert threshold  2.74 m


Measurements are taken using a Datawell Directional Waverider Buoy Mk III since November 2005 when the magnetic declination at the site was 2.6° west, changing by 0.15° east per year. Wave direction is reported following the nautical convention, meaning that the direction is where the waves come from, measured clockwise from magnetic north.

The buoy replaced a Mk II (non-directional) Waverider which was first deployed on 20 May 1996.


29/06/2024 A replacement buoy was deployed.
17/06/2024 The buoy has been recovered and significant damage is visible. A replacement buoy will be deployed as soon as feasible.
12/06/2024 The buoy has likely been struck by a vessel and is no longer sending data. Recovery operations are underway. 
20/03/2024 Scheduled service
24/11/2023 The shore station is offline due to a planned power outage in the Keyhaven area, which should be complete by 16:00 today.
29/06/2023 Scheduled service
20/02/2023 Scheduled service
07/07/2022 Scheduled service

No data is being received from the buoy due to a power outage in the Keyhaven area as a consequence of Storm Eunice.

Update: Data transmission has resumed.

14/10/2021 Scheduled service
14/05/2021 Scheduled service
02/12/2020 Scheduled service
07/08/2020 The buoy was redeployed
02/08/2020 The buoy was sent adrift and recovered the same day. 
25/06/2020 Scheduled service
07/02/2020 Scheduled service
25/07/2019 Scheduled service
12/02/2019 Scheduled service

Due to computer issues at the shore station, data is temporarily not being received.

Update: The issue has been resolved and data has backfilled.

20/06/2018 Scheduled service
01/06/2017 A replacement buoy has been deployed on site. 
30/05/2017 Due to an impact to the buoy, the data being received is suspect. Recovery operations are underway. 

Due to computer issues at the shore station, data is temporarily not being received.
Update: The issue has been resolved and the data has backfilled. 

20/12/2016 Scheduled service
03/06/2016 Scheduled service
15/03/2016   Buoy swapped out today however there appears to still be some issues with some of the parameters possibly due to signal interference which will be closely monitored.
05/03/2016 Data has become suspect and the buoy will be swapped out at the earliest opportunity.
26/11/2015 Scheduled service
16/11/2015 Power to the shore station has been disrupted due to works going on in the area but should be restored this afternoon.
08/05/2015 Scheduled service
02/10/2014 Scheduled service
09/04/2014 A BT fault in the area has led to a loss of internet connection at the shore station preventing the data feed to the website.
05/03/2014 Scheduled service
21/08/2013 Scheduled service
19/02/2013 Scheduled service
09/08/2012 Scheduled service
27/02/2012 Scheduled service
19/01/2011 Scheduled service
02/08/2010 Scheduled service
05/01/2010 Buoy swapped out
10/12/2009 Buoy serviced, a new hull, triangle and radar reflectors are required
27/07/2009 Scheduled service
11/02/2009 There have been intermittent stopages in the data transfer to the website.  An upgraded system of data transfer is being installed today.
14/01/2009 Scheduled service.  A new mooring was required, due to tangling.
26/09/2008 Council network down 20:15 - 20:45.
01/03/2008 Damaged buoy recovered.
15/02/2008 The buoy was swapped for a spare, as it was badly damaged in a collision.
17/10/2007 The Waverider became detached from its moorings last night. By noon today it was located off Sowley beach in the Solent. The buoy has now been recovered to Lymington and will be be checked and re-deployed as soon as possible.
15/11/2005 A directional Waverider buoy has been deployed.
04/10/2005 The buoy has been recovered to investigate the fault.
22/09/2005 A problem has been identified with the accelerometer in the buoy, which appears to have been damaged around 26 August. Since then, Hmax readings are incorrect and Hs measurements may also be incorrect. The buoy will be recovered as soon as possible for further investigation.
20/01/2004 No data has been sent to the web page. Ftp link is down.
16/10/2003 It was sent back to Datawell for testing and re-calibration and has been redeployed.
20/08/2003 The buoy has been involved in an incident and has been recovered from Barton beach. It appears to have been hit and is being repaired.
08/08/2003 Scheduled service
2003 The buoy's original deployment position was 50° 42.681' N     001° 50.376' W