National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.



Additional Information

 Wave buoy location  51° 13.68' N  003° 28.15' W
 WMO code  6201004
 Approximate water depth  10 m CD
 Approximate spring tidal range  9.6 m
 Storm alert threshold  2.20 m
 Meteorological station location  51° 12.427'N, 003° 27.734'W


Wave data are measured using a Datawell Directional WaveRider Buoy Mk III buoy. The buoy was first deployed on 01 December 2006, at which time the magnetic declination at the site was 3.4 ° west, changing by 0.15 ° east per year. Wave direction is reported following the nautical convention, meaning that the direction is where the waves come from, measured clockwise from magnetic north.

A Gill Maximet GMX600 meteorological station was installed on the Warren Road public toilet block in Minehead on 21 September 2023.


30/11/2023 The buoy was redeployed.
21/09/2023 A Gill Maximet GMX600 meteorological station was installed.
02/09/2023 The buoy was sent adrift and has been recovered. The buoy will be redeployed asap.
04/05/2023 The buoy has been serviced and redeployed.
26/02/2023 The buoy was set adrift. It has been recovered and will be redeployed at the earliest opportunity.
10/10/2022 Scheduled service
14/05/2022 Scheduled service
15/12/2021 The buoy was redeployed.
23/10/2021 The buoy was recovered and is currently moored in Minhead harbour. The instrument will be redeployed at the earliest opportunity. 
22/10/2021 The buoy was set adrift. 
30/06/2021 The buoy was redeployed. 
27/05/2021 The buoy was set adrift and recovered on the same day. The buoy will be redeployed at the earliest opportunity. 
03/04/2021 The buoy was set adrift, recovered and redployed on the same day. 
30/03/2021 Scheduled service
21/09/2020 Scheduled service
11/05/2020 The buoy was redeployed
17/04/2020 The buoy was detected from the Bideford shore station near Morte Point and was recovered. 
14/04/2020 The buoy was sent adrift. A search and recovery effort is underway. 
24/03/2020 Scheduled service
06/11/2019 Scheduled service
30/03/2019 The buoy was recovered and redeployed on location.
21/03/2019 A fishing net is caught on the buoy. All wave parameters should be considered suspect. The buoy will be attended to ASAP. 
03/10/2018 Scheduled service
08/05/2018 The damaged hull has washed up on Rhossili beach, and will be recovered shortly
09/04/2018 A replacement has been redeployed
22/03/2018 The buoy has been located at the foot of inaccessible cliffs; rescue efforts are underway but will require calm seas and spring tides
20/03/2018 The buoy has come adrift; rescue efforts are inderway
16/02/2018 Ongoing transmission problems; a replacement buoy has been deployed due to short weather windows
10/02/2018 Data has been intermittent, although the buoy is still in place
06/10/2017 Scheduled service
26/04/2017 Scheduled service
20/10/2016 Scheduled service
23/08/2016 Issues with the shore station are preventing data upload. A field team will be visiting today to rectify
19/07/2016 There was a data gap today of around 15 hours due to the shore station computer crashing
12/04/2016   Buoy re-deployed
28/03/2016    Minehead DWR came adrift this morning and has been recovered from the beach at St Audries Bay; the assistance of Milford Haven Coastguard is much appreciated
02/09/2015 Scheduled service
17/03/2015 Buoy re-deployed
12/03/2015 The buoy came adrift and has been recovered.  Sea conditions are likely to delay re-deployment for several days
22/08/2014 Buoy re-deployed
14/08/2014 The buoy has been recovered by a local vessel, and will be serviced as re-deployed shortly
13/08/2014 The buoy has come adrift; it remains within range of the shore station and retrieval efforts are underway
02/06/2014 There is a problem with the router at the shore station
01/03/2014 Scheduled service
09/09/2013 Buoy re-deployed
07/09/2013 Buoy came adrift after mooring appeared to have been cut
11/04/2013 Buoy re-deployed on licenced position
31/03/2013 Buoy came adrift but now towed back to Watchet harbour
13/02/2013 Buoy re-deployed on licenced position
21/01/2013 Buoy recovered to Ilfracombe Harbour. Testing will be undertaken in the near future prior to redeployment
18/01/2013 The buoy came adrift during the night. A rescue operation was unable to locate the buoy due to harsh sea conditions
09/11/2012 Scheduled service
24/04/2012 Buoy re-deployed
18/04/2012 The buoy came adrift early in the morning and was safely recovered later in the day
09/02/2012 Scheduled service
05/10/2011 Buoy re-deployed
29/09/2011 The buoy came adrift around 03:00 last night; it was recovered this morning and is currently en route to Watchet for checking and re-deployment
02/08/2011 The buoy has come adrift - rescue efforts are underway
22/03/2011 The buoy came adrift earlier today; it was kindly recovered to the harbour by a local fisherman. A team is en route to check and re-deploy.
15/08/2010 The buoy has been serviced and re-deployed
13/08/2010 The bouy appears to have been hit again and has moved off station.  Recovery efforts are underway.
20/04/2010 The buoy has been recovered (the mooring appeared to have been sliced through), serviced and re-deployed
19/04/2010 The buoy is adrift
11/03/2010 Scheduled service
23/09/2009 Buoy was serviced and re-deployed
03/07/2009 The shore station computer appears to have been destroyed by a lightning strike last night
13/03/2009 Scheduled service
18/04/2008 The buoy moved off its mooring at approx 1930 last night
27/11/2007 Scheduled service
23/09/2007 Spare buoy deployed
18/07/2007 Buoy was recovered from a field in Somerset.  The buoy has been badly damaged.  Electronics sensor returned to Datawell for assessment