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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.

Pevensey Bay


Additional Information

 Wave buoy location  50° 46.91' N  000° 25.10' E
 WMO code  6201015
 Approximate water depth  9.8 m CD
 Approximate spring tidal range  6.1 m
 Storm alert threshold  3.20 m


Wave parameters are recorded using a Datawell Directional WaveRider Mk III buoy. The buoy was deployed on 08 July 2003 from the MV Wessex Explorer, at which time the magnetic declination at the site was 2.3° west, changing by 0.14° east per year. Wave direction is reported following the nautical convention, meaning that the direction is where the waves come from, measured clockwise from magnetic north.


20/03/2024 Scheduled service
23/06/2023 Scheduled service
23/03/2023 BT have identified a fault in the line to the shore station. Works to rectify this are underway.
06/02/2023 It is suspected that there is an issue with the RXC reciever at the shore station. A visit to site will be made asap.
23/01/2023 Scheduled service
28/11/2022 The buoy was hit by a vessel at 03:30. The buoy will be swapped at the earliest opportunity.
04/11/2022 It is suspected that the buoy was hit at 03:00, damaging the HF antenna. An unscheduled visit to swap the buoy is being planned.
23/06/2022 Scheduled service
23/09/2021 Scheduled service
28/04/2021 The buoy was swapped due a GPS timing issue. 
26/01/2021 The buoy was redeployed
08/01/2021 The buoy was sent adrift and recovered the same day. 
05/11/2020 Scheduled service
16/05/2020 Scheduled service
10/04/2020 The buoy was swapped due to HF signal issues. 
19/11/2019 Scheduled service
21/08/2019 The buoy has been redeployed
13/08/2019 The buoy came adrift from its mooring and was receovered. A buoy will be redeployed at the earliest opportunity. 
05/07/2019 The buoy has been redeployed. 
23/06/2019 The buoy was dragged off site and has been recovered. A buoy will be redeployed ASAP. 
11/06/2019 Scheduled service
21/01/2019 The buoy has been redeployed.
10/01/2019 The buoy was set adrfit and has been recovered. 
04/01/2019 Scheduled service
25/10/2018 There is a power cut at the shore station. Update: Power restored. 
08/06/2018 Scheduled service
19/12/2017 Scheduled service
14/07/2017 The buoy has been recovered and redeployed. 
13/07/2017 The buoy has been set adrift. Rescue operations are underway.
06/01/2017 There is a problem at the shorestation. Problem resolved at 17:00. 
01/12/2016 Scheduled service
04/05/2016 Scheduled service
09/10/2015   Replacement buoy deployed
03/10/2015 Scheduled service revealed damage to the buoy from suspected vessel impact and so had to be recovered. Will be redeployed ASAP.
18/03/2015 Scheduled service
06/09/2014 Scheduled service
31/05/2014 Scheduled service, hull swap
04/03/2014 Scheduled service
25/12/2013 Power has now been restored
23/12/2013 There is a power cut at the shore station
05/09/2013 Scheduled service
12/07/2013 Buoy redeployed
10/07/2013 Buoy came adrift around 0700 this morning. Will be recovered and redeployed ASAP.
17/05/2013 Buoy redeployed.
28/04/2013 Buoy came adrift and recovered same day. Redeployment shall be postponed until issues with signal are resolved.
25/04/2013 Buoy redeployed on licensed position.
21/04/2013 Buoy now recovered, will be redeployed ASAP.
20/04/2013 Buoy has come adrift. Recovery will be attempted ASAP.
20/03/2013 Buoy swapped out due to GPS problems.
14/03/2013 Scheduled service
19/09/2012 Scheduled service
15/03/2012 Scheduled service
26/12/2011 Stopped sending data. Issue resolved on 28/12/2011
17/12/2011 Stopped sending data. Issue resolved on 19/12/2011
02/08/2010 Scheduled service
05/01/2010 Scheduled service
23/07/2009 Changed flooded GPS.
19/11/2008 Scheduled service
18/07/2008 Power off at EA office 18-20 July
09/05/2008 Stopped sending data
26/01/2008 At 1200 the buoy came adrift, was recovered to Soverign Harbour and redeployed following scheduled service at 0900 on 30/01/2008.
28/06/2006 The buoy has been deployed in its original location
16/06/2006 The buoy was recovered yesterday evening. The mooring had been cut. The buoy is now in Sovereign Harbour, with kind permission of the Harbour Master, awaiting re-deployment.
15/06/2006 The buoy moved off station this afternoon and is drifting in a south-westerly direction. Efforts are now underway to recover it. No indication as yet to the cause.
14/07/2005 The buoy has been serviced and the batteries changed.
07/06/2004 Buoy re-deployed. New position 50 deg 47 min 0.2 sec N, 000 deg 25 min 1.5 sec E
13/05/2004 W@ves21 software updated
17/05/2004 The buoy's mooring was cut around 04:00 on Friday, 14th May. The drifting buoy was recovered and will be re-deployed asap.
29/03/2004 Scheduled service
20/01/2004 The wave buoy has been re-deployed approximately 40m from its original position.
18/12/2003 The buoy has been recovered from the beach. It is being checked and serviced and will be re-deployed as soon as possible.
18/12/2003 At approximately 03:00 today Pevensey buoy moved off station and is still drifting.
08/07/2003 Buoy deployed at 50°46.9973'N 00°25.0207'E