National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.



Additional Information

 Wave buoy location  50° 44.06' N  000° 29.64' W
 WMO code  6201013
 Approximate water depth  9.9 m CD
 Approximate spring tidal range  6.1 m
 Storm alert threshold  3.37 m


Wave parameters are recorded using a Datawell Directional WaveRider Mk III buoy. The buoy was deployed on 15 July 2003 from the MV Wessex Explorer, at which time the magnetic declination at the site was 2.7° west, changing by 0.14° east per year. Wave direction is reported following the nautical convention, meaning that the direction is where the waves come from, measured clockwise from magnetic north.


02/05/2024 The site if offline due to an issue with the shore station computer. The computer was replaced the next day. 
02/12/2023 The buoy was redeployed.
14/11/2023 The buoy has been set adrift. It has been recovered and will be redeployed as soon as feasible.
08/09/2023 Scheduled service
27/03/2023 Scheduled service
24/08/2022 Scheduled service
16/09/2021 Scheduled service
08/03/2021 Scheduled service
29/09/2020 The buoy was redeployed
21/09/2020 The buoy was sent adrift and recovered. A replacement will de be deployed at the earliest opportunity. 
16/09/2020 Scheduled service
16/03/2020 Scheduled service
01/05/2019 Scheduled service. Temperature measurements should return to normal. 
30/08/2018 The site is being used for beta testing of a new piece of equipment. The measurements provided on the Realtime Data pages are incorrect. Works to provide accurate realtime data are underway. 
02/11/2017 Scheduled service
05/04/2017 Scheduled service
18/08/2016 Scheduled service
23/03/2016   Replacement buoy deployed
21/03/2016 A noticeable change in the direction and spread readings has been observed since the last scheduled service was carried out when the buoy was swapped. The data are considered suspect and the buoy will be swapped out at the earliest opportunity. All other data are plausible.
11/02/2016 Scheduled service
02/09/2015 Scheduled service
05/03/2015 Scheduled service
23/07/2014 Scheduled service
03/04/2014 The intermittent data over the last two days has been due to issues with the computer at the shore station.
20/01/2014 Scheduled service
21/08/2013 Scheduled service
08/02/2013 Buoy re-deployed
01/02/2013 Buoy came adrift from its mooring around 0300 but has now been recovered and will be redeployed asap
17/01/2013 Scheduled service
30/05/2012 Scheduled service
11/12/2011 The buoy has now been re-deployed following its becoming adrift several days ago, since when rough seas had prevented re-deployment
15/09/2011 Scheduled service
02/08/2010 Scheduled service
15/02/2010 Scheduled service
28/07/2009 Scheduled service, new GPS antenna and HF antenna
20/02/2009 The buoy was been taken into harbour for a battery change and re-deployed on station later that day
14/01/2009 GPS swap-out
21/07/2008 Data not arriving at website
28/04/2008 The buoy came off its mooring at 0700 on Sunday 27 April. The buoy has been recovered and is being checked
05/03/2008 The buoy came adrift at 2330 on 03 March. A recovery boat was deployed and the buoy was picked up at 1400 today. There is no evidence of damage therefore the buoy will be re-deployed as soon as possible
29/11/2007 Deployment of a replacement DWR; the previous buoy came adrift and was sent for a re-paint on recovery
19/11/2007 The buoy has been recovered from the beach and has been redeployed
18/11/2007 The wave buoy appears to have been hit by a vessel and has become detached from its mooring
25/11/2005 The sea surface temperature readings appear to be incorrect. The thermistor will be checked on the next service visit
18/11/2005 All power will be turned off at Arun DC offices this weekend and therefore no data can be received from the waverider. The data are stored on the buoy and will be retrieved during the next service visit
18/05/2005 The buoy was recovered at 1630 yesterday, but has incurred some damage
17/05/2005 The buoy moved off station at about 0700 this morning, recovery efforts are underway
25/04/2005 The buoy has been serviced and calibrated by Datawell
20/12/2004 The radio signal became corrupted due, possibly, to atmospheric conditions. The fault is being investigated
13/05/2004 W@ves21 software has been updated and all wave parameters are being properly processed
29/03/2004 The RXD receiver required re-tuning
19/03/2004 The W@ves21 software is still not processing the incoming data properly. As a short-term fix, the values for Hs and Tm are being replaced on the website by H1/3 and T1/3, which are very similar approximations of Hs and Tm, and which are being properly processed by W@ves21.