National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.

Tor Bay


Additional Information

 Wave buoy location  50° 26.02' N  003° 31.08' W
 WMO code  6201003
 Approximate water depth  11 m CD
 Approximate spring tidal range  4 m
 Storm alert threshold  2.20 m


Wave data are measured using a Datawell Directional WaveRider Mk III buoy. The buoy was first deployed on 24 June 2008, at which time the magnetic declination at the site was 3.0° west, changing by 0.15° east per year. Wave direction is reported following the nautical convention, meaning that the direction is where the waves come from, measured clockwise from magnetic north.


23/05/2024 The buoy has been redeployed.
18/05/2024 The bungee was cut by a vessel and the buoy was set adrift. It has been recovered and will be re-deployed at the earliest opportunity.
11/05/2024 Scheduled service
04/10/2023 The buoy was redeployed.
23/09/2023 The buoy was recovered after a yacht got tangled in its mooring. A replacement buoy will be deployed at the earliest opportunity. 
25/08/2023 The buoy was serviced and redeployed.
13/08/2023 The buoy was retrieved due to intermittent poor signal over the past 24 hours. A replacement buoy will be deployed at the earliest opportunity. 
21/06/2023 The buoy was redeployed.
03/06/2023 The buoy took a significant hit by a vessel and has been recovered. The buoy will be redeployed at the earliest opportunity.
02/02/2023 Scheduled service
28/05/2022 The buoy was redeployed.
26/04/2022 The buoy was sent adrift at approximately 12:30 and will be redeployed at the earliest opportunity.
12/10/2021 Scheduled service
18/03/2021 Scheduled service
01/12/2020 Scheduled service
12/05/2020 Scheduled service
23/10/2019 Scheduled service
03/09/2019 The buoy was redeployed. 
31/08/2019 The buoy has come adrift and was recovered. A replacelemnt buoy will be deployed at the earliest opportunity. 
02/06/2019 Replacement buoy deployed
25/05/2019 The buoy has come adrift and was recovered. 
21/03/2019 Scheduled service
19/10/2018 Replacement buoy deployed
11/10/2018 The buoy has come adrift and was recovered.
13/09/2018 Scheduled service
08/02/2018 Scheduled service
08/02/2017 Scheduled service
09/08/2016 Scheduled service
16/02/2016   Replacement buoy deployed
14/02/2016 The buoy has now been recovered. Inspection of the mooring confirms suspicions of being severed by a propeller. A replacement buoy will be redeployed as soon as conditions permit.
13/02/2016 The buoy appears to have come adrift from its mooring. Will be recovered ASAP.
11/12/2015 The buoy was redeployed today
01/12/2015 The buoy was recovered this morning and will be inspected for damage before being redeployed at the earliest opportunity
29/11/2015 The buoy has come adrift, but weather conditions are preventing rescue efforts at present
23/10/2015 Scheduled service
15/04/2015 Scheduled service - buoy swapped out.
02/09/2014 The buoy came adrift earlier today; it has been recovered, serviced and re-deployed
19/06/2014 Buoy re-deployed
21/05/2014 On detailed inspection, the buoy has been found to be damaged internally and will need to undergo further testing
20/05/2014 The buoy's mooring has been cut again. Torbay Harbour Master's RIB kindly recovered the drifting buoy. It will be checked and re-deployed shortly
13/03/2014 Buoy re-deployed
05/03/2014 The buoy has been recovered from Chesil beach; since the beach is a nature reserve, Natural England would not permit vehicles to be used in the recovery.  After a 2 hour walk along the beach to reach the buoy, it was floated out to sea and picked up by a vessel
19/02/2014 The buoy was found on Chesil beach, kindly reported by the MOD.  It has been secured and will be recovered for testing.  The assistance of the Environment Agency staff in the rescue is much appreciated
15/02/2014 The buoy came off its mooring at some stage last night; rescue attempts are underway
04/12/2013 Router has now been replaced and data is coming through
29/11/2013 Data stopped being transmitted at 20:30 last night due to a faulty router at the shore station. A replacement has been ordered
08/11/2013 Scheduled service
04/06/2013 Scheduled service
09/03/2013 Buoy repositioned
03/12/2012 Buoy appears to have been dragged 300m north of position. The Coastguard are aware and the buoy will be repositioned at the earliest opportunity.
29/11/2012 Buoy re-deployed
26/11/2012 The buoy has now been captured and will be stored at Lyme Bay until being redeployed.
25/11/2012 At approximately 0200 this morning, the buoy came adrift.  It is still sending its position and a vessel has been mobilised to recover it
07/11/2012 Buoy re-deployed
18/05/2012 Buoy cut adrift again. Consultations are ongoing as to whether to delay re-deployming the buoy until September.
12/05/2014 Buoy re-deployed
02/05/2012 Buoy cut adrift
12/10/2011 Buoy was cut adrift.  Mooring replaced and buoy re-deployed
18/05/2011 The buoy was set adrift again.  It has been recovered and kept in harbour
11/05/2011 Buoy re-deployed
01/05/2011 The sea conditions are too high to re-deploy the buoy today, but it will be re-deployed as soon as possible
30/04/2011 The buoy came adrift and has kindly been taken into Torbay Harbour by the harbourmaster
11/04/2011 Buoy has moved 700m from its original location
30/09/2010 Buoy re-deployed
30/08/2010 The buoy has been cut adrift again, for the third time in one month.  Re-deployment will be delayed until the summer holiday period and the powerboat racing season is over
30/07/2010 Buoy adrift again
28/07/2010 The buoy has been cut adrift
29/04/2010 Yesterday morning, and despite the clear sign "NO MOORING", a boat moored up to the buoy (clearly shown by the spike in wave direction). The mooring is damaged and the buoy is now drifting in the Bay.  Efforts are underway to recover it
02/03/2010 Scheduled service
25/09/2009 Scheduled service
20/01/2009 The buoy has been recovered and returned to EMU Ltd for checking
19/01/2009 The buoy came off its mooring last night and clearly is being towed.  Efforts are underway to track and recover it.
02/12/2008 Buoy adrift, recovered and re-deployed
13/11/2008 Deployment of replacement buoy, after water damage discovered in previous buoy
28/08/2008 Buoy adrift. Recovered and shipped to Datawell because of water ingress, spare buoy deployed