National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.



Additional Information

 Step gauge and met station location  50° 44.4198' N  001° 30.4268' W
 Approximate water depth  2 m CD
 Storm threshold  0.79 m
 For full site history  See latest annual report


Wave and tide parameters are measured by an Etrometa Step Gauge which was installed on 19 April 2007, replacing both the Valeport 730D pressure transducer installed in August 2003 and the Ohmex tide gauge. 

The meteorological station was first installed on 12 April 1991. Meteorological data are recorded using a Vaisala SPH10, WAA151 and WAV151.


24/11/2023 The site is offline due to a planned power outage in the Keyhaven area, which should be complete by 16:00 today.
31/10/2023 Scheduled service
28/04/2023 Scheduled service
18/05/2022 Full bracketing overhaul followed by scheduled service

No data is being received from the tide gauge or met station due to a power outage in the Keyhaven area as a consequence of Storm Eunice.

Update: Data transmission has resumed.

28/09/2021 Small gaps between Etrometa sections have been causing intermittent flatlining of data. Plans are in place to re-bracket the Etrometa step gauge.
26/07/2021 Scheduled service
30/07/2020 Scheduled service
12/03/2020 Unscheduled visit to relocate the receiving equipment and replace the omnidirectional antenna. 
19/11/2019 Unscheduled visit to replace the computer. 
25/07/2019 Scheduled service
15/01/2019 Scheduled service
24/07/2018 Scheduled service
08/02/2018 Scheduled service
25/07/2017 Scheduled service
17/03/2017 Due to computer issues at the shorestation, data is temporarily not being received
02/12/2016 Scheduled service
06/05/2016 Scheduled service
16/11/2015   Power to the shore station has been disrupted due to works going on in the area but should be restored this afternoon.
13/10/2015 Scheduled service
02/07/2015 Platform visited today to replace antenna.
04/06/2015 Inspection service today to investigate inconsistent data. Suspected water ingress into transmitting antenna on platform. Antenna will be replaced at next service.
05/03/2015 Service today to replace suspected faulty section of step gauge.
09/04/2014 A BT fault in the area has led to a loss of internet connection at the shore station preventing the data feed to the website.
15/01/2013 Power at the shore station at Keyhaven was down from 11am yesterday until 10am today while electrical works were carried out on site.
03/12/2013 Scheduled service
12/07/2013 The cause of the transmission interference has been found, and the signal is now coming through well
11/04/2013 Data string from the platform to the receiver station appears to be corrupted. A service will shortly be carried out
18/01/2013 Telemetry issues between the platform and shore station due to heavy snowfall
23/10/2012 Scheduled service and met sensors replaced
27/02/2012 Scheduled service
01/01/2012 New data processing algorhithms have been applied; quality controlled wave data are now available. 
30/07/2010 Scheduled service
15/01/2010 Scheduled service including additional determination of vertical offset between the top of the step gauge and meteorological sensors
09/10/2009 System down again due to low battery voltage. A new solar cell and regulator were installed
07/09/2009 The solar panels had failed and therefore the battery was not being charged.  The batteries have been replaced and the solar panels are being checked for faults
05/09/2009 The telemetry appears to be faulty and is being investigated
02/06/2009 Scheduled service
23/01/2009 There is a problem with transferring the data from the shore station to the website, which is being investigated.  The instrument is still measuring data which is being stored and will be back-loaded to the website once the communication is fixed.
16/01/2008 The faulty barometer and electronics unit have been replaced
20/06/2005 The instrument logger has been re-deployed
01/06/2005 The instrument logger has been removed for repair
19/02/2005 Intermittently no data are being received from the starting platform. The problem is being investigated
11/11/2004 The wind speed sensor seems to be slightly under-reporting at high wind speeds. Plans are now underway to replace all the meteorological instruments
04/03/2004 Scheduled service
02/12/2004 Scheduled service