National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.

Sandown Pier


Additional Information

 Wave radar location  50° 39.067' N  001° 09.189' W
 Met station location  50° 39.070' N  001° 09.190' W
 Storm threshold  1.41 m
 For full site history  See latest annual report


Wave and tide parameters are measured using a Rosemount WaveRadar Rex, located on Sandown Pier, by kind permission of the Pier owners. The Rex was installed on 4 May 2006.

The meteorological station was first installed on 01 June 2006. The OMC instrumentation was replaced with a Vaisala WXT536 on 07 May 2019. 


03/03/2024 The meteorological station is offline. Onsite investigation will take place once the works at the pier are complete. 
19/02/2024 There are ongoing works on the pier and a scaffold is obstructing the WaveRex. It has been temporarily turned off.
01/11/2023 The site went offline during Storm Ciaran. Power issues are suspected, an investigation is underway.
24/07/2023 BT have fixed the fault on the line.
23/07/2023 Data is delayed due to an issue with BT connection.
29/05/2023 Data transmission has been interrupted. An investigation is underway.
22/04/2023 Met data transmission has been interruped by a software issue. An investigation is underway.
10/03/2023 Scheduled service
02/11/2022 Data transmission has been interrupted. An investigation is underway. Update: transmission was repaired on 04/11/2022.
04/08/2022 Scheduled service.
01/10/2021 Scheduled service. Met data restored. 
27/09/2021 The met data went offline at 17:30. This issue will be investigated soon at the upcoming scheduled service.
17/09/2021 The PC was replaced.
10/09/2021 Data not being received due to an issue with the PC.
16/12/2020 Scheduled service
03/03/2020 Scheduled service
04/12/2019 Unscheduled visit to replace PC after it had failed. 
27/11/2019 Site visit by BT to replace cabling that had degraded externaly. 
05/07/2019 Scheduled service
07/05/2019 Unscheduled visit. OMC met station was swapped for Vaisala WXT536. 
15/03/2019 Unscheduled visit. Power was restored. BT line fault found and fixed. 
12/03/2019 The data has stopped due to a power fault. 
17/12/2018 The connection has been restored.
15/12/2018 Communications currently offline.
06/03/2017 Due to the engineering works, we are continuing to experience power cuts. Furthermore, the datum of the radar has moved. The instrument will be serviced and relevelled as soon as possible. 
06/03/2017 Engineering works have started on the pier, which are affecting the tide gauge.  Met data are unaffected by the engineering works, but may be disrupted by power losses
31/10/2016 The connection is restored. 
25/10/2016 The WaveRadar Rex is disconnected, likely because of a disruption to the phone/broadband line connection.
11/12/2014   Power now restored.
08/12/2014 Power to the end of the pier has been disconnected while structural works take place.
21/03/2014 Now restored.
13/03/2014 Power cut at the pier has caused a temporary interruption to data collection.
11/02/2010 Scheduled service
29/03/2010 Internet is down at the Sandown shorestation BT have been notified.
11/06/2009 Scheduled service
18/07/2008 Anemometer not working, cleared and serviced.
12/05/2008 Met data not being recieved at website.
18/11/2006 The wave processing software has been upgraded to correct the earlier problem. All wave data prior to 1000Z will be corrected and archived via the website's Data Catalogue.